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Graceful Pull-Quotes is now “Official”

Just letting you all know that my Graceful Pull-Quotes plugin is now hosted on the official WordPress Extend repository. That means it will automatically pop up updates in the WP admin, and hopefully more people will find it and use … Continue reading

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Add New Headers to WordPress Plugins or Themes

I’ve had a few patches committed to WordPress core in the last few versions, and have sadly neglected to do writeups about them so that others could take advantage of the new features. I hope to remedy that in the … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog helper app

Hackadelic has released a (beta) WordPress plugin designed to automate using Virtual Multiblog. This is still in development, but the initial test I did looks promising. Basically the plugin creates an interface in the WP admin for creating new virtual … Continue reading

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Strider Core — coming soon

I’m working on an integrated core system for WordPress plugins — including common code and automatic “best version” detection of more than one plugin uses the same core. Continue reading

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Hit a Moving Target in your WordPress Plugin

In recent changes to WordPress code, users are more than ever able to customize folder and file locations. [Edit: Refers to WordPress 2.6] The wp-config.php file can now be located one directory up from the one containing WordPress. The wp-content … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog — how to use unique headers on blogs running the same theme

One of the most common questions I get regarding the Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress comes from people wanting to have multiple blogs running on the same theme, but with a different header for each blog. It can be done, … Continue reading

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WordPress Constants

In the course of working on WordPress, and plugins and such for WordPress, I frequently find myself at a loss to remember the name of constants provided by the system. Hey, isn’t there a constant for such-and-such directory? I did … Continue reading

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Use Custom Actions in Your WordPress Plugins

If you’ve been using WordPress for any amount of time, you’ve probably come across a plugin that asks you to add something to your template. The instructions will say something like: Insert the following into your theme files where you … Continue reading

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