OS X App: HTML ImageTagger

There is a little Mac OS X program out there called HTML ImageTagger that I have found useful working on HTML. It appears to have been abandoned by the developer, and is no longer available for download, so I am posting it here so others can still use it.

It’s one of those apps that does one small thing, but does it well. When you drop an image file on it, it creates an HTML <img> tag. There are a number of options for customizing the way it works.

Please note that I am not the developer of this App, and thus can provide ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT for it. There are improvements I myself would like to see, but without the source code there is nothing I can do.

Here’s the download:
HTML_ImageTagger.zip (1.3 MB)

A couple quick usage notes:

  1. This is quite useful if you put it on the dock or use something such as FruitMenu to add it to your contextual menu. Go into preferences and set it to copy the latest tag to clipboard and to quit after tagging.
  2. If you want to create XHTML tags, add “/” as a custom tag in preferences.

That’s all. I hope people find it useful. 🙂

If the author of the app comes across this page: Maybe you would consider releasing the source code as Open Source so others can continue to develop it?

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