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An open letter to Apple about iOS and hardware access

On my computer I use an app called f.lux that alters the shading of my screen depending on the time of day. I can’t exaggerate how important this app has become for me — it seems so minor but it’s … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog on GitHub

Quick announcement: The Virtual Multiblog system can now be found on GitHub: https://github.com/strider72/virtual-multiblog The home page is still on this site for discussion and such, but GitHub is your best best for downloading it and getting timely updates. Thanks for … Continue reading

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JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.1.1 for WordPress

A new version 2.1.1 is up. Among the changes: Increased efficiency of version checking Fixed a small bug with the admin footer Significant cleanup of Style selection code Moved Default style to resources folder so it can’t be misplaced Significant … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog and WordPress 2.6

This is an important note to anyone using my Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress: WordPress version 2.6 is going to be released very soon. Until I have had time to test Virtual Multiblog on WP 2.6, I recommend that you … Continue reading

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