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Search Everywhere in MySQL

In recent months I’ve been tasked with taking over management of a web site programmed by somebody else. They used Drupal, with which I’m not familiar, and so a big part of the job is simply figuring out how that … Continue reading

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Add New Headers to WordPress Plugins or Themes

I’ve had a few patches committed to WordPress core in the last few versions, and have sadly neglected to do writeups about them so that others could take advantage of the new features. I hope to remedy that in the … Continue reading

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Strider Core — coming soon

I’m working on an integrated core system for WordPress plugins — including common code and automatic “best version” detection of more than one plugin uses the same core. Continue reading

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Hit a Moving Target in your WordPress Plugin

In recent changes to WordPress code, users are more than ever able to customize folder and file locations. [Edit: Refers to WordPress 2.6] The wp-config.php file can now be located one directory up from the one containing WordPress. The wp-content … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog — how to use unique headers on blogs running the same theme

One of the most common questions I get regarding the Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress comes from people wanting to have multiple blogs running on the same theme, but with a different header for each blog. It can be done, … Continue reading

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WordPress Constants

In the course of working on WordPress, and plugins and such for WordPress, I frequently find myself at a loss to remember the name of constants provided by the system. Hey, isn’t there a constant for such-and-such directory? I did … Continue reading

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Use Custom Actions in Your WordPress Plugins

If you’ve been using WordPress for any amount of time, you’ve probably come across a plugin that asks you to add something to your template. The instructions will say something like: Insert the following into your theme files where you … Continue reading

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More than a mere WordPress plugin — Automatic Timezone

Otto has released his Automatic Timezone Plugin as part of the current WordPress plugin competition. In addition to being a handy plugin, it comes with a significant bonus for plugin authors. In addition to its basic function, the code is … Continue reading

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