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JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.0

The pull-quotes plugin has undergone some major rewriting in recent weeks. I released much of that as version 1.7 a few days ago. Over the weekend I added a few features, revamped the Settings interface for WordPress 2.5, gave it … Continue reading

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HTML Tip: Cross-browser <sup> tags

If you’ve ever used the HTML <sup> tag on a web page, you’ve probably noticed that it has a tendency to do strange things in various browsers. The most common effect is that the line height of that one line … Continue reading

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Been working on a few things lately, including the arduous process of moving into a new house. In the meantime, however, I’ve managed to knock out a new WordPress plugin I’ve (tentatively) decided to call “Dunce Cap”. Dunce Cap was … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

I’ve posted for download a handy Mac OS X program called ImageTagger. It is apparently abandonware, as the developer’s site has disappeared into the ether. Here’s the page: ImageTagger

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