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Virtual Multiblog 2.6.1

Just released Virtual Multiblog v2.6.1. The primary new feature in the 2.6 line is auto-plugins. That is, you can specify plugins that are automatically activated for all (or just some) blogs. Check it out!

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Comment Quiz plugin v1.1.1

A new version of the Comment Quiz plugin is up. 1.1.1 has some important bug fixes, so if you’re using any earlier version, I highly recommend picking this up. I finally figured out SVN, so it’s on the official WordPress … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog 2.5

I’ve just released Virtual Multiblog for WordPress version 2.5. This has some significant bug fixes and other improvements. If you’ve had trouble getting it to work in the past, I’ve reworked the code that determines which blog is active, and … Continue reading

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Log Deprecated Calls plugin 0.4

New version 0.4 of the Log Deprecated Calls plugin. Now it has an option to toggle logging to the PHP Log, or a table in the database, or both. If logging to the database you can view the records on … Continue reading

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Comment Spotlight plugin v 1.1 for WordPress

I’ve updated the Comment Spotlight plugin for WordPress. Changes in 1.1 include: Fully WP 2.6 compatible Lots of code cleanup Fixed spotlight image so it’s NOT inside the first paragraph Spotlighted comments add “clear: both” div to end so spot … Continue reading

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JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.1.2

Version 2.1.2 of my JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin for WordPress is up. The biggest change from the user end is that localizations (i.e. translations) now work. (The had worked previously, but broke somewhere along the way.) It includes French and Italian … Continue reading

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JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.1.1 for WordPress

A new version 2.1.1 is up. Among the changes: Increased efficiency of version checking Fixed a small bug with the admin footer Significant cleanup of Style selection code Moved Default style to resources folder so it can’t be misplaced Significant … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog 2.4

Okay, folks. A user pointed out a recent bug that can prevent the VUSER from being determined correctly. It probably accounts for the vast majority of the “This isn’t working” reports we’ve been getting around here lately. Sorry about that. … Continue reading

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