Who Is This Guy?

A charicature of me with a small cartoon dog, labelled 'Stephen and Weederman' and signed by Joe Martin

Stephen Rider is an avid computer tinkerer in Chicago who refers to himself in the third person.

I think I'll stop now.

Hello, all! Thanks for stopping by. Who am I? I'm a random-language programmer (e.g. I work with whatever language floats across my transom) who thinks he has something to say.

I also, however, tend to think that any web page worth it's salt speaks for itself, so there's not much more I'm gonna tell you here. You can, however, email me if you like.

Since several people have asked.... I drew the logo portrait myself.

Joe Martin, the creator of "Mr. Boffo", was kind enough to do the picture you see on this page when I met him at GenCon in 1997. (That's me on the left.)