The Traveler’s Swing Dance Directory

I am a swing dancer in the Chicago Area. Several years ago I went to New Orleans, and while I was down there I decided to see if there was somewhere to go dancing. I checked several different internet directories I could think of, but was unable to find any listings for swing dance, other than one place called the Red Room, which had had their dancing the night previous.

Shortly after that trip I was talking to a swing dancer from New Orleans who was visiting Chicago, and she informed me that there was in fact an active scene in NOLA, and gave me a couple swing schedule websites I could have tried. I realized that a directory of such sites might be awfully handy for the traveling dancer, so Here It Is!

This list will grow just as fast as I get information, so if you know of a local swing dance site anywhere in the world that is not yet included here, please drop me a line and I will add it to this listing. Please note that although there may be a few exceptions, I am primarily interested in sites that have localized schedules and venue listings. Thanks, and enjoy!

NOTE: If your town is not listed, try the nearest city, as many of these sites include the surrounding area.