The Original and Best

George Lucas has announced that DVDs of the first Star Wars trilogy (Special Edition versions) are in the works. Unfortunately he also says they’re not going to release the non-“special edition” originals on DVD — ever.

Many people prefer the originals — I personally thought the added footage in the SEs hurt the pacing in spots, the wonderful soundtrack doesn’t fit some of the cuts, and some of the changes were just plain annoying.

If you want to see the originals on DVD, please go sign this petition. Lucas does listen to fans, if enough of them speak up.

The best of course would be if the DVD for each movie included both the original and the Special Edition, as Spielberg did with E.T. The Extraterrestrial.

3 Responses to “The Original and Best”

  1. Dan Janowak Says:

    "Unfortunately he also says they’re not going to release the non-"special edition" originals on DVD — ever."

    Lucas is a mass marketer. If he says he will release the special edition versions, then the other set of DVDs won’t sell. I read this in the same terms as your comment about liberals claiming to be centrist.

    The real thing to do is boycott until the special edition versions come out, which incidentally will also have the copies of the original set. Although he could just not combine them if the original version DVDs don’t sell.

    I won’t sign the petition. I’ll wait the 5 years or until the time he has already planned on releasing them.

  2. Strider Says:

    You’ve got it backwards — he is going to release the Special Edition movies, he is NOT going to release the originals. A lot of people want the originals, NOT the Special Editions.

  3. Dan Janowak Says:

    hmm…. Lucas is still the mass marketer. And I did read the message wrong. But I’m not that much of a Star Wars purist to need the originals on DVD and I guess I don’t have to wait as long to have the option to buy the DVD that he is releasing. Perhaps he doesn’t think he can get enough more money to make it worth his while? Would you just want a bad quality original on DVD because the format (DVD) is the important thing?

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