The Coming of the Blog Roll

As you’ve probably noticed, the visual look of this page has just undergone a major overhaul. I’ve pretty much done away with the last vestiges of the “default template” that came with the blog software I use. (I hear that newer versions of Greymatter now have better templates, but I wasn’t about to start from the scratch template again.)

Along with rewriting the CSS that lays out the page, I also made some content changes, and I wanted to point out one of them to you: the Blog Roll. This is a list (in the sidebar there) if other blogs that I commonly read and that I think deserve some attention. The entries:

  • Chrenkoff – an Aussie blogger who seems to have a better grasp of the US situation in Iraq than do many US citizens.
  • Iraq the Model – an Iraqi writes about the huge changes that are sweeping his country. It is absolutely astounding to compare what this guy sees in his everyday life to what the media is saying about the “disaster” the country has become.
  • The Smallest Minority – This site primarily focuses on gun rights. He’s an intelligent read.
  • BlackFive – A military man writes about the war and politics. He has a sharp mind, and I would exspecially point you to his recurring Someone Your Should Know, in which he profiles outstanding military people (generally Marines) and thus proves the Marine slogan “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy”.
  • Iowahawk – This man has the potential to be a one-man Onion. He has a sharp wit and a sharper pen. Okay, some of it is hit-or-miss, but for the most part it is very funny stuff.
  • Eject! Eject! Eject! – This writer doesn’t write nearly as often as many other bloggers, but he makes up for it with quality. His extended essays are a great read. Outstanding.
  • USS Clueless – At his best when tackling complex sociopolitical issues, Steven Den Beste is an extremely sharp and logical thinker (he’s an engineer by trade, which I suppose explains a lot). Many people consider him long-winded, but his better pieces carry you along until, before you know it, it’s three hours later and you’re looking up from your computer screen, blinking, with your brain comfortably wrapped around ideas you never thought you’d be able to fully grasp. This is the first blog I read every day.
  • The Daily Bleat – James Lileks is funny, eclectic, and smart. His posts range widely in topic, but is always a worthwhile read.

You have your assignments, now go explore. When you’re done, of course, don’t forget to stop back and visit your friendly neighborhood Striderman.

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