The Way of the Whigs

I’ve been meaning to post about this for quite a while now, but have not made the time to sit down and really write an in-depth discussion. Nonetheless, I wanted to get the statement out there — to put myself on the record.

To be blunt: The Democrat Party as we know it will no longer exist in 20 years. Possibly 10 years.

Modern liberalism is in its death throes. I predict that Bush will win this fall’s election by a handy margin, and that Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run will be the last stand for modern leftists in this country. If they win 2008 they have a few more decades; if not, they’re toast.

Someone will of course take their place — perhaps Ross Perot’s party. Sorry Libertarians, I don’t think it’s gonna be you….

[Update: There is a follow-up post here]

2 Responses to “The Way of the Whigs”

  1. Doug H Says:

    Well said and I must say, very far sighted of you. I came over from your comment in, which is 2 years after your post.

    I am a Republican, and have feared the breakdown of my party for some time too. We (the Royal we here – I do my best) kept electing Republicans who were more interested in keeping power than doing the will of the people they were elected to represent. 2006 was a wake-up call for the more liberal Republicans as the electorate couldn’t tell the difference between the parties on many issues and tossed a coin.

    I thought that McCain candidacy was the death knell of the party. But, I’m happy to say, that I’m wrong. Strong Republicans made a stand in August on the House floor and McCain made a brilliant selection for VP. There is now a resurgence that I pray last.

    Do I like everything Republicans do and stand for? No. The biggest thing I wish would change is the ?Beltway mentality?. If our elected officials would start listening more to their constituents rather than other people inside the Beltway, I would be much happier. And a 2-term term limit for all federal offices. That will keep the lobbyists off balance?well, a little bit.

  2. Strider Says:

    This post is four years old, not two. You’re probably referring to the follow-up post, which came two years later.

    I was with you on McCain; but there weren’t really any good people running this time out. I supported Fred Thompson — I still support his ideology in general, but he apparently lacks the personality to actually get elected; which means he probably also lacks the personality to lead well. (That is, a good leader must have the wisdom to make good decisions, and the personality to actually get them done.)

    I’m completely loving Palin. The complete nervous breakdown in the media is something to see. They have nothing on her, so they’re making stuff up and getting caught with their pants down.

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