Horrible, Horrible, Awful, Terrible, Just Plain Wrong Wrong Wrong Link of the Day

Put down the drink (i mean it…) have a seat, and check this out [Video]. [Update: that link doesn’t seem to be working. Try this one instead.] This is apparently an ad made for Volkwagon in Europe. It was rejected for some reason and never aired.

Hat Tip: Blackfive

Update: Several people have watched the linked video, and the reactions have ranged from laughing out loud (and my own personal near-spit-take) to… um… less enthusiastic responses. I think it’s quite funny, but as the post title suggests, it is very dark humor. If after watching it you feel the sudden need to rinse off your eyeballs, I offer you… another ad.

2 Responses to “Horrible, Horrible, Awful, Terrible, Just Plain Wrong Wrong Wrong Link of the Day”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    This is a "viral" commercial – it makes the rounds of the internet – for zero distribution costs – and could NOT be shown on TV (for obvious reasons). There were two previous Ford commercials for the "Sport Ka – the Ka’s evil twin." In one, a cat is decapitated by the car’s sunroof.

    The VW ad reminded me of a satire print ad from an early 70’s National Lampoon. It showed the much-vaunted capability of the VW Beetle to float on water with the caption, "If Ted Kennedy drove a Beetle, he’d be President today."

  2. Strider Says:

    Snopes has the scoop on the VW ad: http://www.snopes.com/photos/commer...

    I saw the cat ad. It was so remarkably unfunny I didn’t bother to link to it — or mention it.

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