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Low Hanging Fruit

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

I found out today that my friend Erik has a blog. What does not surprise me is that it’s really quite good — as a few of the posts remind me of conversations we had back when we phoned each other on a regular basis.

So go take a look at Z’s Low Hanging Fruit.

(Oh God. I just got the worst mental image….)

Revenge of the Nerd Mexican Illegals

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

This reads like the script to a circa 1984 “slobs vs. the snobs” comedy, except this time the “snobs” are the nerds and our merry band of scrappy misfits are illegal aliens: Wired 13.04: La Vida Robot.

[T]he team from [MIT] scared him, too. There were 12 of them – six ocean-engineering students, four mechanical engineers, and two computer science majors. Their robot was small, densely packed, and had a large ExxonMobil sticker emblazoned on the side. The largest corporation in the US had kicked in $5,000. Other donations brought the MIT team’s total budget to $11,000.

As Luis hoisted [their robot] Stinky to the edge of the practice side of the pool, Cristian heard repressed snickering. It didn’t give him a good feeling. He was proud of his robot, but he could see that it looked like a Geo Metro compared with the Lexuses and BMWs around the pool. He had thought that Lorenzo’s paint job was nice. Now it just looked clownish.

It’s so perfect there are even a dorky nickname (“Stinky”) for the jury-rigged fruits or their labors, repeated references to “hooters”, and an unexpected last-minute save involving the use of tampons.

(As a side note, while I sympathize with their plight, I suggest that if they want to take advantage of the privileges of U.S. citizenship, they should first try to become U.S. citizens. With that in mind, I wish them luck.)

“A really decent guy, I must say.”

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

This is is hysterical. And Cool. And… and… just Cool.

Pat Sajak has a blog. And wouldn’t you know? He’s a conservative! A sample from his latest post, Arguing with Liberals, and Why I’ve Stopped:

Every time I argue with a Liberal, Iâ??m reminded of quarrels I used to have with my parents. The battles never seemed fair because my folks decided what the rules were and what was out of bounds. In addition, because they were parents, they could threaten me in ways I couldnâ??t threaten them, and they could say things I could never say.

Recently, for example, I was discussing the United Sates [sic] Supreme Court with on of my many Liberal friends out in Los Angeles when she said, without any discernable embarrassment, that Justice Anton Scalia was â??worse than Hitlerâ?.[…]

Aside from being rhetorically hystericalâ??and demeaning to the memory of those who suffered so terribly as a result of Hitler and the Nazisâ??it served to remind me of how difficult it is to have serious discussions about politics or social issues with committed members of the Left. They tend to do things like accusing members of the Right of sowing the seeds of hatred while, at the same time, comparing them to mass murderers. And they do this while completely missing the irony.

He is so on my Blogroll.


Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 – Schiavo’s feeding tube removed – Mar 18, 2005

I have not been following the Terri Schiavo case too terribly closely, and have not commented on it until now. The most striking element of this whole fiasco is that the husband seems to think he is showing mercy by starving her to death slowly over weeks. (According to the above referenced article, “Without liquids, it could take Schiavo two to four weeks to die from dehydration.”)

This is not a mercy killing, then. This is slow death by torture. If the powers that be truly believe that she should be killed, then have the balls to go in there and stick a goddamned needle in her arm!

“Oh, but you can’t do that! This isn’t an execution!”

No, it’s not. The only difference though is that we show a condemned murderer more mercy than we are showing Terri Schiavo. This is not a case of withholding medical care and seeing if she survives; there is only one possible outcome to withholding food and water from a human being: death.

I feel very sorry for Terri, whether or not she is conscious (though especially if she is conscious); and I cannot even imagine what her parents are going through right now.

I think Terri’s husband is a coward. If he truly believes this is the merciful thing to do, he should walk in there with a pillow in his hands and get it over with.

Update: I am by no means a proponent of euthanasia, but if you are going to do it, do it right.

Smells Like Teen Messiah

Monday, March 21st, 2005

A couple in South Dakota is selling candles that smell like Jesus.

Hat Tip: One Hand Clapping

Swimming with the big fish

Monday, March 21st, 2005

This is seriously cool, and I’m not talking about the software they’re pitching: Swimming with the Great Whites

(Okay, the software is kind of neat too… but not “blog-worthy”.)

He’s so stupid he’s brilliant!

Friday, March 18th, 2005

I’m sure we’ve all seen this by now:

[A]s we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

U.S. Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld

It has always struck me as amusing that the Bush-haters and other assorted smug liberals so love to use this quote as proof that Donald Rumsfeld is some sort of moron. Rumsfeld, in making this comment, wields the English language with the skill of a surgeon — cutting away extraneous verbiage with a precision that is uncommon in political figures…

…but it appears to be a bit too complex of an idea for the limited comprehension of people whose concept of reasoned debate is to slap a Bu$hitler bumper sticker on their car.

A quick Google search turns up several examples, ranging from a fairly clever “poetry review” from Slate, which states: “Much of it is about indirection and evasion: He never faces his subjects head on but weaves away, letting inversions and repetitions confuse and beguile,” to a pathetically incoherent entry complete with the standard “Republicans = Nazis” references that make even less sense than usual in this context. (Note also that this last entry is not only incoherent, but apparently not even original.) Yet another picks up the gauntlet by taking Rumsfeld’s “poetry” and setting it to music, while an organization in England has awarded him their annual “Foot in Mouth” award, which is given to the year’s “worst mangler of the English language”. Finally, we have a true intellectual who uses this quote as a basis for his theory that Rumsfeld must smoke pot; and a site that, without further explanation, posts the quote in their Stupid Quotes section.

“Stupid” indeed. If I had never heard this quote before, and you were to put it in front of me without attribution, and challenge me to guess who said it, I probably would have guessed “Stephen Hawking”. It sounds far more like the words of a good scientist than the inane babbling that liberals have branded it. The statement is logically and grammatically perfect. It is succinct, in that it states a complex concept just about as plainly and briefly as is possible. I believe even more telling about Rumsfeld’s sharpness is the fact that this was not some sort of prearranged statement, but an off-the-cuff response to a question. The man is sharp.

The rest of the transcript is worth reading. I’m glad that that man is where he is, doing what he’s doing. We are all better off for it, even if some people don’t know it.

Part of a complete breakfast

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

This morning got off to a good start. When I stepped off the train the wind was blowing off the chocolate factory. Mmmmmâ?¦..

They must be gearing up for Easter or something. I’ve only ever seen (err… smelled) that happen in the afternoon before.

Grand Reopening

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

Hi. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, things look a bit different around here. I’ve switched to WordPress for my blog software, and I’ve been playing with its capabilities for the last couple of days. There are several significant improvements, such as an excellent search function, categories, and an RSS feed.

I’m still figuring it all out. In fact, this post is itself a test of one of the site’s posting features. If it works properly, I’m already loving this program.

Right now I’m using the default WordPress template, but I’ll be modifying that to more closely match the overall look of my website. I’m sure you all miss my smilin’ mug at the top of the page, right?

Also, “Hello” to Mike, my new hosting provider and long-time FOAF.

Later Y’all.

Pardon me Ma’am, but do you have a license for that thing?

Monday, March 7th, 2005

Doesn’t this count as “concealed carry”?

The Jamaica Observer: Thief gets whipping from 11 year-old karate kid