Miserable Failure

Yesterday a co-worker made mention of the upcoming Start Wars movie, and my response was “Oh, does that open this weekend?” He replied “no”, it opens on such-and-such weekend, but there’s a preview opening so-and-so days earlier. I promptly forgot whatever the heck dates and such that he told me.

I’m a miserable failure as a nerd! *sob*

Though I’m still apparently a successful geek….

(…and I’m eagerly anticipating the release of this movie, so that’s something.)

Update: Beyond “miserable failure”! It seems I can’t even spell the movie name right! *Ahem* All together now: S-t-a-r W-a-r-s.

3 Responses to “Miserable Failure”

  1. Anna T Says:

    *grin* Were you just preoccupied when you were posting???

    I can’t wait to see Serenity either. Ya know, we’re trying to do a Serenity con on the gulf coast in November…interested?

  2. ErikZ Says:

    Have you gotten the DVD box set yet? It has several episodes that weren’t shown on the air.

  3. Strider Says:

    I never saw it on the air — I’ve only ever seen the DVDs. My then-fiance borrowed the set from her brother, and before we’d finished watching them, I had ordered my own copy.

    I am now in the process of educating my brother. 😉

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