Apple Thinks Different(ly)

Jeff reveals the secret behind “the most awe-inspiring stealth marketing move [he’s] ever seen”. I think he may be on to something.

In the long run, (for reasons other than this one-off fringe benefit), I genuinely believe that the switch to Intel processors may be a good move for Apple. It’s a pity that IBM couldn’t advance the “G” chips fast enough, or make them cool enough for laptops; but these days Intel seems to be where the real chip innovation is found, and Apple has always been about real innovation over slavish conformity.

In the meantime, while everyone is so busy spouting gloom and doom over Apple’s future, I notice that Apple’s stock price has dropped a few dollars since the announcement. Stock speculators make of that what you will….

My only caveat regarding Macs down the road, is that with this move, Jobs has finally driven the final nail in the coffin of OS 9. It appears that there will be no “Classic” mode on an Intel-based Mac. (Then again, that will only last until some enterprising programmer creates an emulator.)

Interesting Times….

Update: Changed the title of the post. I’d accidentally left it on the default, which in this case was the name of Jeffs’s blog, to which I had linked.

4 Responses to “Apple Thinks Different(ly)”

  1. GiromiDe Says:

    Low-priced Apple stock is good news for potential investors — buy now while the price is low. Apple’s recent track record proves they can add to the stock’s value over time. Whatever hit Apple takes between now and the introduction of Intel Macs should be softened by new versions of iPods and Apple’s cash reserves.

  2. Strider Says:

    Of course, if Steve Jobs ever gets hit by a bus or something, Apple is doomed. 😉

  3. C.J. Says:

    Three Things:

    IBM is developing the PowerPC-Cell based CPU for The game systems, Xbox 360 and the twice as powerful PlayStation III. The Playstation III is much more powerful computationally and graphically than anything Apple produces.

    I am sorry Apple didn’t switch to a chip like the one in the Playstation III. Have A Dual CPU system like that would mean running 14 core processors, a super-duper computer cluster all in one box.

    If I were Apple, I would be more concerned that a very nice Linux for Playstation III with OpenOffice and KDE / Gimp / Gnome could seriously replace most home computers, at a fraction of the cost of a Macintosh system. And PS-3 will, of course, Rock with more games than you could afford to buy.

    The Mac Mini is Seriously posed to be a game machine with just a few tweaks. Build in Digital Video Recording and the Mac Mini could be sitting beside every home’s HDTV in 2007… games for the kids and TV recording for the adults.

    As far as the Intel switch over goes, by moving to a standard hardware, Intel, the biggest Chip maker on the Planet, Steve Jobs has laid out a road map for Apple for the next 30 years. If Mr. Jobs wanted to retire to spend time with the family, ride around the world in a private ocean liner, or just kick back and relax at home – all he needs is a hand picked successor to take his place – or operate in his stead.

    Steve Jobs is a one in a Billion kind of guy, not to many people have his skills and ‘reality distorting’ ability to mold the world to fit a personal vision. But at this point he has installed the train tracks and Apple can just chug on down the line into the future.

  4. Strider Says:

    “The Mac Mini is Seriously posed to be a game machine with just a few tweaks.”

    I agree entirely. More than a game machine, the mini is poised to form a true digital entertainment hub — controlling everything from your stereo to the TV, games, recording, TV internet, you name it. In fact, the only thing really standing between it right now is software. Okay, a faster processor would be good, but gosh, wheresoever is he going to get faster processors? *ahem* A nice jumbo hard drive for all those DVR recordings would be a help as well, but the groundwork is all there — toss in a wireless controller and go.

    “I am sorry Apple didnâ??t switch to a chip like the one in the Playstation III”

    i believe the reason he made the big switch to Intel is that IBM was not able to produce fast G5 chips that were *cool enough* to go into a laptop. Laptops are huge business for Apple, and he had no choice but to ensure regulare speed bumps in the new systems. People are already griping about the lack of G5 Powerbooks.

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