Did you know it was possible to cough so hard you trigger the vomit reflex?


I’ve had a respiratory infection for the last couple weeks., (as briefly chronicled here.) Basically, I got sick with what felt like a chest cold (a lot of coughing and yuck, and the first day I was totally wiped out). After a week, I decided it was time to go see the doctor. Worked my way through a regimen of antibiotics — got better, but not well. That is, no longer coughing so hard that I can’t sleep, but still tight in the chest and coughing once in a while.

Yesterday the doc prescribed another round with a different medicine. Took my first one around noon today. The first thing I can say is… it’s Different. I’ve been barking like a seal all day. (Though seals don’t make a habit of spitting descreetly into a plastic bag after saying their piece.) In a way it feels as though I’m ripping loose a whole lot of stuff that was deeply entrenched, so even though the symptoms are far, far worse than they were yesterday, I think they’re a sign of getting better.

The bad part is that, as you may recall, I’m a trained singer, and have really strong abdominal muscles (from all that deep breathing and breath support). When my body decides to take over control of said muscles and put them to use repeatedly slamming them together as hard and long as possible (a.k.a. a “cough”), things can get a bit dicey.

On the good side, I made it to the bathroom. On the bad side, I reached the sink and not the toilet.

And on the really good side, I have officially not yet given myself a hernia.

What a weekend to take vacation time. There’s a big swing dance festival in Chicago this weekend, and this is was the first time in several years I could actually make it. Even if I did feel up to it physically, it is (shall we say) impolite to ask a lady to dance when you’ve just loudly hacked up a lump of phlegm and spit a river into a trashcan.

And with that image, Have a Nice Weekend!

Update: Darleen’s not doing much better.

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