Chicken Little Strikes Again!

Somehow recent news stories keep bringing me back to one piece I wrote over a year ago.

The story:

A California judge has ruled that San Diegoâ??s Proposition A, a voter initiative to preserve the Mt. Soledad War Memorial by transferring the property to the National Parks Service, is â??unconstitutional.â?

In response to a lawsuit brought by an atheist organization, the judge overturned a decision agreed upon by 76% of the voters in California. Judicial activism at its most blatant.

Avoiding the active support of religion is notthe same thing as being actively anti-religion. Put another way, government avoiding the official support of any particular religion is not the same thing as government choosing atheism as its own official religion. This is the point that these folks want to obscure in their anti-religious crusade.

(Incidentally, I am an atheist, but I publicly and completely disavow any association with these idiots.)

A year ago, I said….

I can[…] point to the atheists who run around suing towns for putting up Christmas displays, or the Ten Commandments. â??Church and State! Church and State!â? they cry, sounding not so much like [“the Boy Who Cried Wolf”] as Chicken Little, and down come the displays; (and lest youâ??ve forgotten, Chicken Little was eaten for his trouble).

One can only hope.

Hat Tip: Darleen

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