It’s the little things…

I feel like a total dork even writing these words, but…

I really love my stapler.

It’s a Stanley Bostitch Model B2000 Black Executive Desktop Stapler. Everyone else in the office has crappy Swinglines — they jam all the time, and you have to put them down on the table to use them without hurting your hand. The Bostitch has never jammed on me in years of use, and though it’s a desktop model, it has a great grippable bottom for picking it up and using it that way. Oh, and the stock Stanley staples punch right through things that reduce the thinner Swingline staples to twisted ruin.

Sometimes I feel like that guy from the movie Office Space who obsessed over his fire engine red stapler that everyong kept stealing off his desk. That was a Swingline though, so beyond the color, I really can’t see the attraction.

(At least I’m not Gollum, cooing over and petting “My Precious”. ‘Cuz that would just be weird.)

I suppose in the end I’m a person who really just appreciates when something is well designed and well made. It’s why I use a Mac, it’s why I spent $500 on a Miele vacuum cleaner (okay, that and allergies…), and it’s why if I ever leave my job, I’m taking the stapler with me!

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  1. Anna Turner Says:

    “It’s my stapler….”

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