That time of year….

For those of you who have never perused the rest of this website, I present for your reading pleasure, A Hallowe’en Treat.

… but first, a small taste….

The Nightlife was packed that night. A flood of warm young bodies, gyrating to the pulse-pounding music, filled the dance floor from one wood-paneled wall all the way over to the polished brass railing which separated that province from the bar area. Near the bar, carousers filled the sea of tables – those who had tired of dancing, those who preferred to drink and shout at each other over the music, and those who simply came to admire the atmosphere. The bar itself was massive, built out of solid oak and topped off with a single continuous slab of gray and black marble. The whole thing had been liberated years before from an old shut-down men’s club just before the wrecking ball turned it all to rubble.

The man behind the bar was not massive, but he managed nonetheless to fill the space. Sam was known to all comers, and was personable enough and dexterous enough to keep all the patrons happy. He was blonde and well-muscled, and older than he looked. Nobody but Sam himself knew just how old he was, but a few of the more faithful patrons of The Nightlife knew firsthand that Sam had been there for many years and through several renovations ever since the club had first opened as Scooter’s back in the sixties.

It’s called Daybreak. Go read. (And have a good weekend!)

Update: Changed the excerpt.

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