The Doomsday Amendment

I have believed in guns rights for many years, and in recent years have become more and more of an active advocate of those rights, (I have joined the NRA, for example), largely as a result of reading Kevin Baker’s excellent blog, called The Smallest Minority, among other influences on my growing political maturity.

Cerberus, another blogger I read regularly, has just posted what is perhaps the best layman’s explanation of the meaning and significance of the 2nd Amendment that I have ever read. If you are one of those who just can’t understand how anybody could think we should allow people to own all those dangerous guns, go read “The Doomsday Amendment”. (Hint: the government is supposed to fear the people, not the other way around.)

(FYI — Cerberus is a police officer, so don’t think for a second that he doesn’t understand issues of criminality and the misuse of illegal weapons.)

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