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I was recently asked by a school to make a web based calendar application. Practically my first impulse was that This could be done quite nicely by adapting WordPress, the program I use to run this blog. WordPress already has quite flexible and well-designed calendar functions, so it seemed that from this start I would be 90% there already.

With a bit of hunting, I also found a pre-existing plugin called EventCalendar, which does part of what I needed. The biggest difference with what I wanted and what this plugin gives is that it essentially turns one category out of a blog into a calendar, while I wanted nothing but calendar.

What I have so far is pretty rough, but it’s functional. Mainly, I would have to majorly adapt the “Add entry” function so that it makes sense as a Calendar application — it’s pretty kludgy as such right now, as the forms were designed for a different use. Further down the road, I would hope to re-implement categories, as right now there is only one: “events”.

Anyway… Here’s the Readme, and here’s where you can take a look at what I have so far. I’ll keep you updated if this advances any further. Go play.

Oh yeah… you’ll probably want the corresponding WordPress Theme

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