High Crimes in Low Places

According the chief of the investigative team, the original [New Orleans levee] design was â??robustâ? and would have probably held back the water in the canalâ?¦if it had actually been built as designed.

This just in: Kickbacks and corruption to blame for Destruction of New Orleans.

So what exactly is the legal penalty for destroying a US City? Life in Prison? Death Sentence?

I can understand the motivations behind taking kickbacks and such — people like money. A lot. But if you are actively and directly responsible for something that prevents the destruction of a major city, and you choose to line your pockets at the direct expense of fulfilling your duties…

…well, the penalty should be far greater than simple corruption charges.

Because when you really look at it, somewhere there is a person who was in charge of seeing that the levees were built the way they were supposed to be. Somewhere is a person who chose to look the other way when they were not; knowing Louisiana the motivation for this act was based in some sort of corruption.

Somewhere, someone knows he is directly responsible for the destruction of the City of New Orleans. Though corruption of this sort probably happened on multiple levels, in the end it came down to a very few people who could have made the difference. Even though they will rebuild, the city will never be the same — as things are transpiring, it appears that NOLA will forevermore be more of a theme park than a real city. Mardi Gras Land. Vegas with jazz.

I swear — some people desperately need to be dragged behind a damned truck

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