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There seems to be a spate of newspaper editorials lately regarding the Bush/TexANG fake memo scandal that ultimately brought low such media luminaries as Dan Rather and his producer, Mary “I am not a Democrat”* Mapes. [Update: to clarify, I’m speaking of recent editorials defending Mapes and Rather by stating that the documents were”never proven to be fakes”.] It just may have something to do with Mapes’ new book describing her tragic journey through victimhood at the hands of legions of anonymous right-wing bloggers working in lockstep to the drumbeat of the Rove Bush administration.*

Unfortunately for Mapes, people seem to understand that “You can’t prove they’re fake” is a bogus argument. Anyone relying on such an argument would be forced to accept all kinds of completely absurd assertions as truth — which would make for a poor news reporting indeed — especially when the very experts you use as your proof of your assertions insist they didn’t say what you say they said.

Beyond that, one if those “anonymous” bloggers is pointing out that they really aren’t all that anonymous. And as anyone who has ever read blogs can attest, bloggers are never unanimous.

The day will come when the people who believe that the Killan memos are real are looked upon with the same critical eye normally reserved for those who insist the moon landings were fake.

* Actually, she says she doesn’t know if she’s a Democrat or not. In fact, this seasoned newswoman claims to not even know what a “liberal” is! Strider’s dictionary defines “liberal” as “n. — any person who, especially in the course of a political discussion or debate, publicly claims to not know what a liberal is”.

* For those of you who believe I exaggerate my description of Mapes’ book, I present the following direct quote:

Within minutes of (blogger) Buckhead’s original posting, Freepers began to repeat and embellish Buckhead’s thoughts. [“Freeper” is, among leftists, a generally derogatory term for right wing extremists, similar to “leftard” on the right. — strider] Not surprisingly, they all agreed with him, they all agreed with one another, and they all agreed this should be pursued aggressively. Freethinkers they are not. The Freepers and their lockstep like-minded fellow travelers moved as a group, like a school of sharks sweeping toward an unaware and unarmed victim. […]

On Web sites such as Powerline, INDC Journal, Allahpundit, and Spacetownusa, the bravehearts of the blogging world worked anonymously in what appeared to be huge numbers, in unison, to destroy the Bush-Guard story, to uphold one another’s wild and hateful claims, to outshout, outargue, and outblog anyone who dared to disagree. And on their Web sites there is no disagreement. They hate in unison, they speak with one angry voice, they each make themselves bigger by staying as close together as possible.

Okay, so I made the “Rove” bit up. Sue me.

h/t to INDC Journal for the excerpt.

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