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Here Comes Samta Claus

Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Christmas Eve, 2004. My extended family (on me mother’s side) has gathered at a cousin’s house to eat, exchange gifts, and generally celebrate.

There is a new upcoming generation of kids in my family now, with the oldest on the high end of nine years old, and the youngest few still in diapers. Somebody had convinced my brother Sam — the family ham (besides myself) and the rosiest dimpli-est cheeks in the family — to dress up as Santa Claus and make an appearance. As the evening progresses, he quietly slips out of the room — there are enough people and goings on and general revelry that none of the young ones notice the disappearance. About ten minutes later the doorbell rings, and some of the kids run over to the front door. Looking out the side window next to the door, the 6 year old declares “It’s Santa!!! while her eight year old cousin opens the door.

“HO HO HO! Maaaaaaaa-rry CHRISTMAS!” proclaims St. Nick as he strolls in. “Hey guys! How you doing? Have you all been GOOD this year?”

By now they’re all excited and running around. The littlest ones are milling around Santa while the older ones run back into the living room to announce his arrival. “Santa’s Here! He’s HERE!!!”

As the Man in the Red Suit strolls into the living room, my aunt, standing just inside the room, declares loudly “It’s Uncle Sam!” …and then, quickly, “Ehhh… Sam…ta Claus….”

The youngest were far too in awe to have noticed, but the three oldest kids were standing right next to her, coming into the room with Santa. I’m not sure which, if any of them, fully caught it or not, but she got significant look from one of them. At the least, the oldest knew that something just happened, but possibly he didn’t quite catch what she’d said. The oldest two were old enough to not be so sure about this whole “Santa” thing, but they’re still… not… quite… sure.

So in the end… not quite the mass-bubble-bursting that it could have been, but certainly the forehead-slapping moment of the season.

New New Orleans

Monday, December 19th, 2005

Here are some interesting pictures from New Orleans earlier this month. It appears the poster did a flyover in a private plane. Amazing stuff.

New Orleans 12_10_05


I’ve said it before… I fear that New Orleans will never truly recover from this. We really need to track down the individuals who were responsible for the fact that the levees were not built to spec, and throw them in prison for a good long time.

Hat Tip: Gut Rumbles

Airport security at work for You!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Oh good. This makes me feel safe.


Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Two quick unrelated notes:

  1. Although I genuinely appreciate a nice set of legs on a woman, it boggles my mind that some of them still go out wearing nothing but hosiery on their legs when the temperature drops into the teens. A couple days ago the wind chill hit single digits, and there were still women in the Loop wearing knee-length skirts and heels.
  2. Never get into an argument with a kitchen knife. The knife will win. I have confirmed this fact personally.
    1. And as my dad could attest several months back, arguing with a circular saw is also a bad idea.