Call me “Curly”

Note: If you came here from Protein Wisdom, you’ re probably looking for the post before this one. I had to correct a minor technical glitch. Thanks for swingin’ by. 🙂

I officially had my Three Stooges Moment of the week this morning. Stopped in for a cup of hot chocolate before getting to work. I popped the cup in the dispenser and hit the button. Pulled it out, grabbed a cap — one of those raised coffee lids with the little sippy hole on the front.

The cap didn’t want to fit easily on the styrofoam cup, so I pressed down a bit. Suddenly the front of the cup accordioned and hot chocolate launched forth in a perfect two-foot seltzer shot to the face.

And wouldn’t you know it… with all the dark colored dress shirts hanging in my closet, today is the day I pick to wear plain white.

What can I say. Some days you get to be Moe; some days you’re Curly.

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