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Lileks today says:

[O]ne of the stupidest trends in movies is the uncharacteristic â??popâ? song over the closing credits; in the case of â??The Addams Family,â? itâ??s a rap by M. C. Hammer in which he manages to insert the phrase â??too legitâ? into a disquisition on the Addams clan.

I went to see The Producers this weekend.
I was thinking as I left the theater that the only thing that could possibly have made the gag more perfect would have been if Brooks had actually gotten Ms. Dion and Mr. Bryson to sing the thing. As is, though, it’s still one of the funniest gags ol’ Mel has come up with in years.

Update– Lileks responds via email:

That’s excellent – makes me want to see the movie, or at least the credits. I love Mel, and I don’t care how much crap he’s put out over the years; at his best, it’s just so cheerfully brilliant I forgive everything.

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