Wasn’t that the name of a “B” horror movie?

Actress Rosanna Arquette wants to make a documentary about PMS.

Quoth Arquette:

I screamed so much when I saw this new commercial for birth control for women where you only have to bleed four times a year. What are they thinking? It’s insane what they are doing to women.

My only question to Ms. Arquette is: Who is this “They” you are referring to? Women take the pill because they believe it contributes to the kind personal freedom that the feminist movement has been espousing for fifty years. After training women for half a century to throw off the shackles of their own biology, why is anyone at all surprised that some of them chose to push that envelope even farther?

Personally, I think it’s kinda dangerous to mess with your biology to that extent, but if a woman chooses to take that risk, that’s her decision. Quit trying to blame those decisions on some nebulous — presumably patriarchal — “THEM”.

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