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I’ve just read one of the most astute commentaries I’ve seen in along time regarding… well, the statement was made in the context of the no-warrant surveillance of which that the Democrats are trying to make hay, but really, it is simply a very sharp observation about Americans in general.

It comes from a comment to a post on the blog Protein Wisdom, and I’ll quote practically the whole thing:

Americans just love other Americans in the abstract. We donâ??t want Americans being spied on by the NSA. We donâ??t want them monitored by the FBI. We donâ??t want them left without shelter by Katrina.

And thatâ??s why it all has to be portrayed as the generic American. Hey, that could be me. That could be any of us.

Yet we go to bed at night and lock our doors against other Americans, and set our alarm systems and get caller id so we know which Americans are calling us, and demand no-call laws so other Americans canâ??t call us, and donâ??t want other Americans to set our homes on fire because itâ??s near a beautiful meadow, or kill the animal research lab owner, and we certainly donâ??t want Americans to buy too much fertilizer, rent a truck and bomb a day care.

Just the other day, Anderson Cooper was railing against people in New Orleans that didnâ??t want 150 trailers set up in their school yard to house other Katrina victims from lower-class neighborhoods. They are all Americans looking for homes, he said. And Iâ??m sure thatâ??s precisely what he told his co-op board as he fought to get Katrina victims from bad neighborhoods set up to live in the empty apartments in his building, right?

An American should never, ever be spied on. But a person here on a student visa talking to Osamaâ??s #2? Well, letâ??s not put it that way. That might slant peopleâ??s opinion.

“MayBee”, in a comment on the blog Protein Wisdom

This hearkens to one of the core strategies of Liberal politics: lump everybody you can grab into groups, and then appeal to the groups as mass victims (thus black politics, gay politics, feminism, “Republicans hate old people”, “Republicans are trying to starve school children”, ad disgustum). As others have noted, nobody seems to be able to identify one individual person who has been victimized by the so-called domestic spying, but “Americans” are being watched, and that’s bad, m’kay?

(Also noteable is when, in lieu of an actual victim, a liberal will abuse himself and then say “racists or some-other-ists did it”. Note the college student who invented story about the FBI coming after him becuase he read Mao Tse Tung. And laugh at the moronic homosexual who several months ago carved “FAG” into his own forehead with a knife and then told the police he was attacked by homophobes, but… oopsie… had done it looking in a mirror and gotten it backwards….)

So… I guess the lesson of the day is to disbelieve any charge that something is happening to “lots of people”, but the accuser can’t actually name an example. It’s a modern political evolution of the hoary old “Friend of a Friend” stories, and just as accurate.

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