Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest

“Iran has sponsored Islam suicide bombing terror attacks against innocent men, women and children in Israel. Iran directly funds the activities of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.”

If anybody is wondering why this is news, or what the post caption has to do with this, see this link regarding the “Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest“.

And then go look at the other Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest. A nice twist on the phrase “Turnabout is fair play.”

Hat Tip: Electric Venom

2 Responses to “Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest”

  1. Terror-Free Oil Says:

    Iranian Cartoon Exhibition Mocking the Holocaust Sparks Global Riots
    Mobs of mad Jews burn Iranian embassies around the world
    Hundreds of Jews are trampled to death during the riots
    Mossad dispatches squads of suicide bombers to Mecca and Medinah
    Israeli PM: “No Muslim is safe from our wrath!” – video

  2. Stephen Rider Says:

    For a moment I thought it was spam. It’s a good link folks — check it out.

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