The News is Broken, Alright

I think Cam Edwards says it best:

We have Iran threatening to blow Israel off the map, we have riots in Pakistan over a bunch of cartoons, we have Al Gore bashing America while in Saudi Arabia, we have misuse of taxpayer funds given to Katrina victims, and the White House press corps thinks the top story is a 14 hour delay in telling them about a hunting accident??? And they wonder why so many of us think theyâ??re irrelevant.

He missed one detail though: Apparently the press also thinks that two-year-old Abu Graib photos are important news. And of course they still won’t show us the news-making Mohammud cartoons, out of “respect for Islam”, but in reporting on the cartoons, they will show us “Madonna in Elephant Dung”, out of “respect for… errr… um…. uh… never mind”. It seems that my prediction is coming true — the media is indeed shedding the last vestiges of their claimed impartiality.

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