The Way of the Whigs, pt. 2

I said, almost two years ago:

“The Democrat Party as we know it will no longer exist in 20 years. Possibly 10 years. Modern liberalism is in its death throes.”

Lately, I’m starting to think that I was too generous in how much time I gave them. The confirmation of not one, but two Supreme Court justices in the last year is one hell of a blow to the moonbat wing of the Democratic party, but that is really just a part of a larger trend that has been growing for decades, but only truly come to a head in the last several months.

Today I ran across a great post by American Princess that does a pretty good job of illustrating the problem. The short version is: the extremists have seized control of the party.

[T]his is what happens when truth gives way to ideology. The left is so obsessed with being right and taking Bush down they have given in to absolutely mindless political stances and conspiratorial Republican motives – though luckily for America they are also much more comfortable about stating what they really believe. Note the latest “unveiling” so to speak, of journalist Joel Stein, making the case for what liberals should really be saying. Perhaps the Kos crusaders will find him more agreeable, because as Mark Steyn so accurately articulates “…Stein is a hawkish chicken, disdaining the weasel formulation too many anti-war folks take refuge in.”

Democrats have been trying to walk the national security tightrope for years, and now the far left is removing the net. We’ve got Cindy [Sheehan] running for office, Kos and company rooting out the true believers (amongst elected officials and journalists), while the remaining journalists are finding it easier – and perhaps in the near future almost necessary – to out themselves as blatantly anti-war. It really is shaping up to be the moonbat trifecta for the Democratic party – which most likely equals a loss for them come November.

There is a subtle point in that last paragraph that I almost missed — it seems the real leftist journalists may also commit mass career seppuku by shedding the last pretenses of impartiality.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again — as conservative as I tend to be, the breakdown of one of our major political parties is bad for the country in the long run, because it allows conservatives to become complacent and pay less attention to what the people actually want of them. Then again, the liberals have such a strong record of fighting against competition at every turn, it seems that they may finally be getting what they wished for — but not they way they wanted it.

Insta-update: I should restate that. If the Democratic party does implode, it will be bad for the country in the “medium” run. The damage will probably really begin about ten years after such implosion, and not stabilize until a couple decades after a new major party forms and has time to solidify its base.

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