Immigration Rally

I work in the Chicago Loop, and was out and about for a while during the massive immigration rally on Friday.

I know these people have their arguments, but I found some of the arguments absurd on their surface. You would be amazed how many people I saw waving large signs that read: “LEGALIZE IMMIGRATION”.

Umm… hey morons… immigration is legal, but it involves a little more than simply walking across the border. Illegal immigration is illegal. Imagine that.

(I also saw a few tee-shirts denigrating the Minuteman Project, because, you know, citizens upholding the law are by definition racist and violent, right?)

Regarding Blagovich’s proclamation that “Ustedes no son criminales. Ustedes son trabajadores” (trans: “You are not criminals. You are workers”): If they’re breaking the law, that is a criminal act by definition. (Correction: see note at bottom) Assuming that any person who comes into the country is a “worker” is absurd as well, as many of them come here for the free social services, or to give birth (and thus have a child who is an American citizen), or for many reasons other than honest work. And yes, many of them are genuinely here to work; but those who enter the country illegally are making criminals of themselves by doing so, as well as interfering with the efforts of those who are trying to immigrate legitimately.

[Update: Gahrie has another example]

[CORRECTION 30 March 2006: I claimed that any illegal act is by definition criminal. This is false, as some illegal acts carry only civil, as opposed to criminal, penalties. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure that entering the country illegally is a criminal act.]

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