The Politics of “Shut the Hell Up!”

The other day I made a passing reference to Democrats as practicing “the politics of shut-the-hell-up”.

It turns out I was being far too generous. It’s more like the politics of shut-up-shut-up-shut-up-you-pathetic-lying-bitch-or-we’ll-destroy-you. Most outrageous about this example is that she hadn’t even said anything yet!

(via Peeve Farm)

Update: Toned down the post title a bit (and makes more sense, really)

Update: The website in question seems to be down more often than not. Perhaps the oh-so-tolerant opposition has been sabotaging it? In brief, the story is thus: A woman registered the domain “”. Before even putting up a site at that address, she was getting some really vile hate mail, and a fair spread of the left side of the blogosphere was posting her personal information on the web and encouraging people to go after her via email and so forth. Again, she hadn’t even put up a website. To these leftists, anyone who would dare to so much as register such a domain must be scum. I say look in the mirror, morons.

Update 26 July 2006: Google’s list of pages referring to “”. You can’t get to the page itself, it seems, but you can easily find various lefty sites talking about it.

Err… or you can just go here:

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