Jesus Saves

My hosting company had a major server blowup the other day, and the site has been down until this morning. So… the good news is that Striderweb is back up. The bad news was that as of this morning the most recent blog post was dated May 30.

By lucky coincidence in my not-too-regular backup routine, I had done a backup of the SQL database just a few weeks ago, so I had everything except two posts on my laptop. A quick check of Google’s cache and soon I even had the missing two posts.

So the moral of the story is… I got really really lucky. Previous to the database backup I’d done a a few weeks ago, the one previous to that was probably six months ago…. Dodged a bullet there big time.

So needless to say, I’ll be doing more regularly schedule backups from now on.

(This only applied to the SQL database that holds the blog posts, BTW, as the static files for my whole site are managed, and thus always mirrored, on my trusty Mac.)

I was also helped by the fact that the last stinking comment this blog got was about two months ago. Yay. *sigh*

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