Complete Climactic Stability

You may or may not have noticed recently that as politicians and environmentalists talk about Global Warming, they are more often using a much more… fuzzy… term — “Climate Change”. This comes about in part I think to the growing number of scientists who have come forward prominently arguing that the Global Warming theory is unproven at best, and certainly not evidenced to the extent that we should be making major societal changes in response. It’s also reminiscent of the fact that thirty years ago the same environmentalists were jumping up and down and waving their hands about “Global Cooling” that was going to kill us all. Throw in the arguments that amount to saying any season that is not “average” (that is, warmer or cooler than average) is evidence of global warming, and you’ve got yourself a theory that is radically dubious in the face of any kind of scientific method.

So they’ve now quietly moved the goalposts by changing the language — we now must be on the watch for Climate Change, and turn our society and culture upside down in a mad scramble to avoid change at all costs. (Note also a common tactic of the left — if people stop supporting something, just change the word you use for it and keep going. See “quotas” vs. “discrimination”, gun “regulation” vs. gun “control”, “choice” vs. “abortion”, or “progressive” vs. “liberal”.)

On and off over the past 15 or so years I have been part of an Internet email discussion list for “fans of vampire lore and fiction”. (I tend to be more on the “actual lore” end of the spectrum, though I definitely enjoy certain novels in the genre.) Among any long-term large group of people you’re going to develop a certain number of in-jokes and references that have too be explained to the n00bs.

One of these in-jokes on the “Vampyres” list is to refer to a person as “metabolically stable”. The human metabolism changes all the time — it slows down when you sleep, for example, or speeds up when you run. The only time your metabolism is going to stop changing is after you die. Thus, the term “metabolically stable”, by definition, means… Dead. Change is a part of life. Any life.

Climate changes. Change is a relentless and inevitable reality of existence. The universe changes; the galaxy changes; the Sun changes; our little planet changes, and we change. Generally speaking, changes in the smaller among that particular chain don’t affect the larger. Our planet could explode and the Sun wouldn’t much care, and our galaxy wouldn’t even notice. Humanity could all die off tomorrow, shutting down all industry in the process, and the planet would just keep on spinning. We could double in population with similar result. Prevent “Climate Change”. The very terminology in which leftists have coached the discussion has become an insult to the intelligence.

To suggest that we could radically, and unintentionally, change the global environment sounds to me like the height of human hubris. If we were to deliberately try, we could probably bring about long term (but not permanent) climactic change, such as by setting off all of our nukes at once and causing a nuclear winter. We know, absolutely, from history that the global climate has changed many times. There have been ice ages. There have been warm periods — just look at the agricultural villages buried under the ice of Greenland (and how did that icy landmass ever come to be called “Green Land” in the first place??? hmm…). These have had nothing whatsoever to do with the intelligent inhabitants of the planet, and everything to do with the simple universal law: change is inevitable.

If the Earth’s climate ever stops changing, it will be because the planet has died. The Sun will have burned out, and the part of the gaseous atmosphere remaining will have frozen to the surface as ice (sometime around the time that the same thing happens to pretty much the entire rest of the universe). Then the planet will have finally achieved the ecological Holy Grail sought unwittingly by Al Gore and his ilk: complete climactic stability.

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