Some updating required

In a little over a week I’m buying a house.

It’s a sound little 50’s ranch — “the bones are good” as the real estate people put it — but it’s in need of some cosmetic updating. In the basement, for example, is a heavily institutional-looking flourescent light fixture that is the spitting image of the lighting in my old grade school. The basement bathroom I refer to as the “seventies horror” — bedecked as it is with brown plaid wallpaper.

The most interesting detail, however, is the upstairs bathroom. It’s entirely tiled in green, which in and of itself isn’t so bad, except…

Well… the tile question looks precisely as though somebody had taken bars of Irish Spring soap, hammered them flat, and polished them. You know… that pale pastel green with the ghostly white swirled through it. It’s kind of nice, kind of disturbing, and like a car wreck, you can’t look away.

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