He keeps her on a shelf right next to his SAG Award

Fred Thompson with his wifeOh No! Fred Thompson’s wife is younger than he is! How unseemly!

Jiminy Christmas. If that’s the best the Democrats can come up with, Ol’ Fred’s going to be our next president.

Hat Tip: GOP Hub

3 Responses to “He keeps her on a shelf right next to his SAG Award”

  1. Phil Says:

    Thought you should see this ad from Giuliani accusing Fred’s wife of being a tranny. That might explain everything. It’s really pretty funny (it was blogged on TheCorner and HotAir):


  2. Stephen Rider Says:

    Holy Cow. That whole ad was one extended low blow.

    Note that it didn’t say it was approved by Giuliani. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one — you have to be really dumb to want to be associated with something like that.

  3. ErikZ Says:

    What sort of bizzare attack ad points out that the women in his life are really beautiful?

    Someone posted pictures of his ex-girlfriends, who were ALSO really beautiful.

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