A Failure of “Ideas”

In response to Ameni… Amedin… the President of Iran’s1 visit to New York, and subsequent talk at Columbia University, Maynard at Tammy’ Bruce’s blog had this to say:

When a reprehensible argument appears on the surface to be reasonable, you’ve got to look for the joker in the deck. There’s usually a ridiculous underlying assumption that you have implicitly accepted without realizing it. Case in point: Yes, there is some merit to the argument that we should be exposed to “diverse and upsetting ideas”. For example, if Ahmadinejad were saying that Hitler’s murdering the Jews was a good thing, then that would arguably constitute a “diverse and upsetting idea”. But to allege that the Holocaust never happened is not an idea, it’s a lie. It’s not a matter of opinion; it happened. This perceived obligation to propagate the evil deceits of a genocidal maniac is not the hallmark of an elite educational establishment, but rather the sign of a lunatic asylum.

The thing I like about that argument is that it applies far beyond the specific situation he’s referring to. This is a beautiful illustration of what is so wrong with a lot of political discourse these days.

1: Ahmadinejihad

2 Responses to “A Failure of “Ideas””

  1. Darleen Says:

    Oh! I like that!

    Ironic, isn’t it, that the ‘academics’ defending Ahmadinnerjacket’s speech are the same people who defend banning any “creationist” counterpoint to evolution because “creationism” is “not true.”

  2. Stephen Rider Says:

    Well, yeah, but creationism isn’t true, so it’s okay to ban that.

    :-p :-p 😉

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