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Bought and paid for?

Monday, January 28th, 2008

So, I was a Fred Thompson supporter, but he dropped out. I’m looking at the remaining Republican candidates, and after consideration (mainly of whom I dislike the least), I’ve decided that the next best possibility is Mitt Romney. Interestingly, Mitt appears to be specifically courting disaffected Thompson supporters with a range of banner ads on his site, including this one:

FredHeads for Mitt -

Okay. Works for me.

Except… I don’t understand the necessity of that little bit of text at the bottom: “Paid for by Romney for President, Inc.”

Is there some legal requirement for him to put that on there, because his campaign created the banner? Because, as an image that is intended for people to take and put on their own personal websites, it sure makes it look as though Mitt’s campaign team has paid me to put the ad on my site. I assure you, they have not. As of this writing, there has never been a paid endorsement, of any kind, ever, on this web site — with the possible exception that the links on my book review pages are Amazon affiliate links (which in the several years they’ve been here have never earned me a dime….)

Does anybody know the answer to this? Is Romney’s campaign required to add that text? Or are they (foolishly) making it look as though nobody supports them on principle, but only for money?

Bang. You’re dead.

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Why I will, never, ever promote or support any type of gun control, “reasonable” restrictions, or waiting periods….