Give him a speedy trial and then hang him


So, you get a gun.

You get ammunition.

You load the gun.

You call a cab to pick you up at the end of a dead end street ? even though you don?t need to go anywhere.

When the cab arrives, you point the gun at the driver?s head and say something like ?give me your money or I?ll kill you?.

And then – ?even though you didn?t mean to? – an ?accident? happens, and the gun ?goes off?.


The post title contains pretty much everything I have to say about this. “Accident” my ass — what, you weren’t expecting him to struggle or something?

Even if he didn’t intend to actually pull the trigger in the end, that distinction is inconsequential.

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One Response to “Give him a speedy trial and then hang him”

  1. Zendo Deb Says:

    It wasn’t an accident.

    This miscreant should be charged with murder. He called. He waited. That sounds like premeditation to me.

    Even if he didn’t “mean it,” he committed homicide while committing another felony crime. In my book, that makes it murder. (Felony murder?)

    I’m not a lawyer, but I know what I believe.

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