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Mayor Daley Vows to Fight Coming Plague of Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Not much to add beyond the headline, except: why do so many people fear those who obey the law?

With leftist politicians, the answer is plain: They don’t like the “little people” having too much power, and they certainly don’t want them to be too self-reliant. Liberals’ er… socialists’ entire power base is built on people depending on government for what they need. The “public safety” claims are a sham, repudiated time and time again by real-world crime statistics anywhere gun control laws have been instituted or loosened. Ban guns, violent crime goes up. Allow concealed carry, violent crime goes down. Why? Criminals prefer disarmed victims, because they don’t like getting shot.

And to the Mayor of Washington, DC: Thank you for being a damned fool and pushing Keller all the way to the top.

Argh Argh Argh *clutches throat*

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I’m not a coffee drinker, primarily because coffee seriously does not agree with my digestion. When I’m feeling dangerous I will have those tasty Frappuccinos — the ones in the bottles, not a “real” one from Starbucks. Even as diluted with milk and sugar as the coffee in those is, my gut is still a bit unhappy usually, so I still generally limit myself to half a bottle and save the rest for later.

So… when I’m dragging in the morning and need a little “pick me up”, I’ve taken to drinking those energy shot things you get at the drug store — the ones that come in the tiny bottles and cost like six bucks for two. I like the “Five Hour Energy”1 ones.

The funny thing is, every time I down one of those, I can’t help but feel like Doctor Jekyll downing one of his infamous draughts. Which in turn reminds me of a classic old Carol Burnett sketch in which she and another actor kept drinking potions, gasping, and dropping down behind the table — and then the other would stand up in their place.

Does everyone have these weird mental associations, or is it just me?

1: I was amused the last time I was in the store — right next to my “5-hour Energy” drinks was a competing SIX hour drink. Boy, those manufacturers really have the timing down to a science, don’t they?