The ACORNs have come home to roost

Gay Patriot has a post linking story after story (all from far-flung local newspapers — no national coverage here!) of massive voter fraud by ACORN. This is the taxpayer-funded, “non-partisan” organization to which the Obama campaign gave $800,000 this year.

Among the links:

From Indiana: First 2,100 of 5,000 voter registration forms turned in by ACORN found to be fraudulent

…and in Florida: Two-thirds of voter registration applications delivered by ACORN are ?of people who were already registered?

To those who thing this isn’t a big deal, submitting a falsified voter registration is a felony. Naturally, if the person benefitting is elected, there goes any chance of the crime being investigated.

Most surprisingly, I’ve heard rumors that ACORN accidentally registered a Republican.

Go read.

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