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An open letter to Apple, Inc.:

Dear Apple:

Your self-service page at is a complete waste of time. I am a skilled computer user, and have (among other things) replaced hard drives in laptops. I know my way around a torx wrench.

So when the optical drive in my iMac failed, I was happy to see you had a page where I could order parts to repair my computer myself. Several screens and a User Agreement later, and the ONLY parts you offer are RAM and keyboards?

What a joke.

I know you like to keep things simple for your customers, but assuming that we’re all tech-ignorant nincompoops is an insult. I would have liked to replace my drive with the same kind of drive it came with. Apparently you will not allow this without charging me for the labor that I am perfectly capable of doing myself.

It’s not like I’m going to void the warranty. The computer was five days out of warranty when the drive failed.

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