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CBO: Congressional Budget Obfuscation

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Here’s an interesting little tidbit I learned yesterday: Whenever you see the politicians pull out reports from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) about how such and such bill (oh… say… health care…) is going to be funded and balanced and so forth, it’s basically meaningless.

Why? Because by law the CBO must simply accept whatever information Congress hands it and crunch the numbers according to that data. If Congress hands the CBO a piece of legislation that claims it will be funded by pixie fairies farting gold dust, the CBO is not permitted to say, “Wait, that’s nonsense.” They get to simply roll their eyes, put their heads down and put the numbers through the process. Pixie fairies? You got it boss!

So when the Democrats hold up a CBO report showing that the health insurance legislation is going to balance out, that’s basically just Nancy Pelosi using a report written by Nancy Pelosi to confirm Nancy Pelosi’s figures. They act as though this is some kind of independent audit, but it’s a sucker’s game. It’s a wolf telling farmer Bob that he has the same number of sheep that he had yesterday. If you can’t count on the source, then the report is meaningless.