Stealing from children

Had a guy knock on my door recently. Claimed he was raising money for his own education in participation with a charity organization called Worldwide Circulation (WWC). He was looking for donations to WWC, which took that money and purchased books for sick children who are in the hospital. He explicitly named a local hospital. Friendly guy. Good schpiel.

Scumbag stealing money from sick children.

He was lying his ass off. Worldwide Circulation is not a charity organization. It’s a foreign corporation with a front “headquarters” in Michigan. (Technically, they are selling magazine subscriptions.) They drive to neighborhoods and go door-to-door until someone catches on, then move on to another neighborhood. If you see these folks, call the police.

They appear to operate pretty much nationwide.

I made the mistake of telling him I knew he was a scam artist. He was long gone by the time the police arrived. My suggestion is just close the door and make the call, so they’re standing at your neighbor’s door when the police pull up.

One Response to “Stealing from children”

  1. Steve B Says:

    That’s why I keep a baseball bat next to the door, out of sight, but within reach.

    Both a deterrent and a consequence. I suspect it will come in even more handy once my daughter begins to date.

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