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Man Demands Banned Books Book Banned!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

[alternate title: Man Demands: “Ban Banned Books Book!”]

A man in Texas wants a controversial book banned from the public school reading lists. The book? Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451.

“With God’s name in vain being in there, that’s the number one reason,” said Diana’s father Alton Verm. “There’s no reason for it being read.”

In the complaint filed against the school by Alton Verm, he listed each objected item line by line[…]. Besides bad language and violence, Verm lists “downgrading Christians” and “talking about our firemen” as reasons the book should be banned.

Well, yeah, but the people doing those things are the bad guys! By his own standard, Mr. Verm shouldn’t be reading the Bible either, because it contains people committing blasphemous acts. And violence??? Hey, Man, don’t even get me started. As for “talking about our firemen”, I can only assume he means trashing firemen, which to book does not do; (it does use the term ironically to describe people who do the exact opposite of real-world firemen — in the book they are the ones who start fires).

Altogether now: “Irony!”