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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

My wife has been learning to cook over the last couple years, and some of her creations are quite excellent.

The other day she made some cookies, and man… She should sell these. Basically peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, but she’s (semi-accidentally) discovered a top-secret technique for keeping them soft long after they’ve cooled. (She made them two days ago, and I just ate one — still out-of-the-oven soft. Yum.) Yes, I know commercially made cookies do this frequently, but I’m a bit afraid of what they put in them to keep them that way for weeks — ingredients with lots and lots of syllables. Nor did she do the old “only bake them partway” trick. Subway appears to do that with their cookies, and I’ve gotten some from there that were inedible they were so undercooked.

So anyway…. a little more practice and she could go into a new line of work! 😉


Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

I have a Mardi Gras party every year, in preparation of which I make a big ol’ pot of red beans & rice from scratch. Beyond the two crushingly obvious ingredients, the recipe calls for various veggies, ham, andouille sausage (hot!), lots of spices… and fresh chopped garlic. I’m not a terribly experienced cook, and the first time I made it there was one teeensy, little, inconsequential mixup.

Partway through the process of chopping ingredients, my mother called me for something or other (or more likely I called her to ask some Duh Ralph cooking question), and in the course of conversation I told her I was chopping up a pile of garlic. She paused a moment and asked, “You know the difference between a ‘clove’ and a ‘head’, right?”

I of course laughed and said “…Uh …what?”

So rather than five or six cloves of garlic, that pot had about 2 and a half heads. (For the non-cooks out there, a head of garlic can easily have 6 or 10 cloves in it. Do the math.)

I acted casual, served it up, and people loved it. Thank goodness for a forgiving recipe and the power of Hurricanes1.

Inspired by this post by Ryan

1: The fact that my roommate had been secretly mixing the Hurricanes with Bacardi 151 might not have hurt, either. Bad B!