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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

I have a Mardi Gras party every year, in preparation of which I make a big ol’ pot of red beans & rice from scratch. Beyond the two crushingly obvious ingredients, the recipe calls for various veggies, ham, andouille sausage (hot!), lots of spices… and fresh chopped garlic. I’m not a terribly experienced cook, and the first time I made it there was one teeensy, little, inconsequential mixup.

Partway through the process of chopping ingredients, my mother called me for something or other (or more likely I called her to ask some Duh Ralph cooking question), and in the course of conversation I told her I was chopping up a pile of garlic. She paused a moment and asked, “You know the difference between a ‘clove’ and a ‘head’, right?”

I of course laughed and said “…Uh …what?”

So rather than five or six cloves of garlic, that pot had about 2 and a half heads. (For the non-cooks out there, a head of garlic can easily have 6 or 10 cloves in it. Do the math.)

I acted casual, served it up, and people loved it. Thank goodness for a forgiving recipe and the power of Hurricanes1.

Inspired by this post by Ryan

1: The fact that my roommate had been secretly mixing the Hurricanes with Bacardi 151 might not have hurt, either. Bad B!