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Argh Argh Argh *clutches throat*

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I’m not a coffee drinker, primarily because coffee seriously does not agree with my digestion. When I’m feeling dangerous I will have those tasty Frappuccinos — the ones in the bottles, not a “real” one from Starbucks. Even as diluted with milk and sugar as the coffee in those is, my gut is still a bit unhappy usually, so I still generally limit myself to half a bottle and save the rest for later.

So… when I’m dragging in the morning and need a little “pick me up”, I’ve taken to drinking those energy shot things you get at the drug store — the ones that come in the tiny bottles and cost like six bucks for two. I like the “Five Hour Energy”1 ones.

The funny thing is, every time I down one of those, I can’t help but feel like Doctor Jekyll downing one of his infamous draughts. Which in turn reminds me of a classic old Carol Burnett sketch in which she and another actor kept drinking potions, gasping, and dropping down behind the table — and then the other would stand up in their place.

Does everyone have these weird mental associations, or is it just me?

1: I was amused the last time I was in the store — right next to my “5-hour Energy” drinks was a competing SIX hour drink. Boy, those manufacturers really have the timing down to a science, don’t they?