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I recently put together a simple website for a friend of mine.

The only unusual thing about it is that I wanted to make it something that he could edit himself. As I am quite familiar with WordPress blog software, I thought I’d try using it as a CMS for a non-blog website.

I think the result turned out rather well. Note that he is not a techie type, but he picked it up pretty quickly. I just threw the framework together — he created all the pages.

Beyond the basic default WordPress theme, there are a few hacks here — I edited the page.php file so that if the page in question is called “Links” it uses different code. I’m using the dtw_get_links_list plugin to correct a bug in the standard WordPress Link List code. He is able to manage the contents of the Links Page through the Links manager (duh).

I made minor mods to the sidebar markup so that the Home links is integrated into the list of pages. The Home page itself is the one and only “blog post”. Everything else is a WordPress “Page”. Thus I was able to make it so he could edit everything himself.

So… nothing terribly fancy, but a highly functional CMS-managed website made in a short period of time using free software. Not too shabby.


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